Voicemail Greetings

Who does not like a great voicemail greeting? I have been doing these for years and have always found them to be great fun. The fantastic thing about custom voicemail greetings is that you can decide what you want them to be. I have done every type of voicemail greeting from basic ones that individuals use on mobile phones to those ones that you may hear on voice routing systems. The ones that say press 1 for sales and 2 for customer service.


Voicemail Greetings with Music

Clients can choose to have voicemails with or without music. This is a personal choice of course but I would always recommend having music as this makes the finished product sound much more professional. All of the music I use is royalty free. Clients are also welcomed to provide their own music too as long as this is in mp3 or wav format so that it is compatible with the final recording.

When it comes to the style pf music that you would like to use then I would recommend that you fit this in with your brand and its message. Most of my clients prefer a corporate tone or something that is easy listening. But please specify what you feel is best.


How quick can voicemail greetings be recorded?

This often depends on how busy I am, but most can be turned around within 48 hours. I will always advise you of times before an order is places. I never take on any projects large or small that I am not able to complete on time.

I would advise that same day turnaround is seldom available as these slots are reserved for clients who have prebooked a fast turnaround or those that have come to be who have been let down elsewhere. In these situations, I always try to help.