Short Story Narration

Who does not love a good story? I have really enjoyed working with clients to do these particularly when it comes to children’s stories.

It is important to find a good voice over artist for this type of work who can really get into what you are creating. I find myself visualising the character’s when I am reading aloud and seeing all the scenery in my mind. Perhaps therefore I really enjoy this type of job. Many of my clients are launching their books on places like Amazon and independent book websites and they find that having a vocal version of their book is a great benefit.


Voice Over for Short Stories

A voice over for short stories should be clear and easy to listen to. You want to be somewhere between a soft and easy tone and one that is clear. You need to think about your target market and think about the accent that you clients would most relate to. You may want a younger sounding voice like mine when you are looking at Children’s Stories. If you are looking at something scary or more serious then you may decide an older voice is best.

I never like to assume what a client wants. Getting a voice over artist for a short story is an investment so I would always advise to get a sample reading done so you can hear how your story comes to life.


The right voice over artist to narrate a story

I find that there is a simple way to find the right voice over artist for your story, The first thing to do id to get a sample recorded so you can hear them. When you are listening back can you hear them bringing the book to life? Can you hear then voicing the characters in your book and giving them their own personality?

These may seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many clients do not think about this. Short stories are slightly longer projects so I recommend that you contact me and give me as much information as you can and any deadlines you have. I will always be honest as to what can be achieved.