Voice Over Portfolio

Weclome to my portfolio page. I have broken this down into easy categories for you so that you can hear the right type of voice for your project or business.

Please remember as I mentioned before every client is different. You may find that you have a project that does not fit into any of these categories. I want you to know that is ok. If you need a sample of a different style of your voice, then just use the contact page

Commercial Voice Overs

Commercial Voice Overs are the ones that you see on TV or you hear on the radio. They are also things like explainers or adverts.


Voicemail Greetings

If you are looking for a custom voicemail greeting either for your mobile phone or your office phone, These include individual messages and also complete option routing greetings for larger companies. These can be with or without music.


DJ Drops

Another one of the out of the box things I do. If you are a budding DJ or someone that is already a pro in their field, then I would love to get creative on this with you. I also do Radio Tags and Sweepers too.


Short Story Narration

I really fell in love with doing this which was a nice surprise. Most of these have been children’s books but I have done some poems as well.My voice can be adapted to your stories and the subject matter.


As I have mentioned before you may have some voice over projects that fall outside of these categories. Please do contact me  as it is very likely that I have already completed a project like yours and will be able to provide you with samples of that type of pf work.