DJ Drops 

A DJ drop might seem a bit of a strange thing for a voice over artist to do at first glance but you would ne surprised to know just how many of these I have done. These are usually short projects where a DJ will provide a number of tags or DJ Drops that they need doing. Examples of this include things like. “In the mix with DJ Example” or “You are listening to DJ Example”
To be honest there are no hard and fast rules about DJ drops, and these can be anything that you want them to be. I have worked with both DJs who are just starting out or are doing this work as a hobby to DJs who do this as their full-time job.


What are Dry DJ Drops?

Dry DJ Drops are a basic drop that is delivered as is in its original form in an MP3 or WAV file. What I mean by this is that the file is raw, so it has no music or anything behind it. Some clients prefer this as they may already have other material, they want to mix this in with or they have not decided what direction they would like to go in.
These files are available on a quick turnaround depending on what other client work I have on at the time, and you can expect this to be done usually within 72 hours.


What are DJ Drops with FX?

DJ Drops with FX are those that either have music behind them or FX like changing the vocals by adding reverb, echo, or other similar effects. It is important on these types of projects that a client communicates exactly what they would like. This is important because sometimes I will need to go out and source certain sounds or music and need to budget for this in my quote.

DJ drops with FX can take a little longer and it really depends on what the client requirements are. I would not expect these to take any longer than 5 days unless the order is very unusual.