Commercial Voice Overs

Commercial Voice Overs used to be just for TV or Radio.  But now they can range from content for a product website or Podcast and more.  These can be so varied and I have dealt with so many types of business and also a lot of inventors who are trying to market the next big thing .A commercial voice over is a type that you probably hear the most. These are the ones that feature or on TV and often on your Spotify adverts.

Every client has a different idea about the type of voice that they would like to promote their product. As a voice over artist, I am always listening to commercials and the voices that they use.

A sucessful Commercial Voice Over means communicating with clients.  You need to understand their business and how they are looking for the product or service to be seen.  I have found this creates the best results and everyone is happy.


Choosing a commercial voice over artist

If you do not want to end up with a bad result, then it is a great idea to do some research on your voice overs. The first thing to do is to work out whether you want a male or a female voice. If you are promoting beauty products for example you may feel that a female voice is better. If you are talking about a car product or DIY, then you may feel a male voice more appropriate.

These days brands do cross over so do not feel that you need to be stereotyped. I have included a few projects that I have done on this page but feel free to ask for more if you need them.


Plan your timings and budget

]It is important to do this as when you are dealing with a commercial voice over you are often facing deadlines and you are being asked to keep within a certain budget. By setting this at the start and sticking to it you can avoid any problems down the road and your chosen voice over artist will make sure that the needed studio time is put by, and everything is completed on time.

I am also happy to do a test reading for you. This can help clients visualise what the finished sound will be like and if it is going to fit around their brand.