13th May 2019

Communication with your clients is always key. Make sure you ask them what they want and encourage as much dialogue as you feel is needed before you quote. By making sure that you both know what is expected it increases your chances of getting a perfect job the first time.

P2P Site Bashing

1st May 2019

Sites that will remain nameless come into a lot of discussion within the Voiceover Industry. For me when I was starting out it was important to find places to learn my trade and build up a customer base. I still have clients today from that starting point and I had a chance to do some really great and unique projects. I started my voiceover business years ago with an average microphone then investing in a great one when I started to make money. It has been hard work getting to this point but without these sites that are demonised by many. Voiceover Artists starting out would have not been able to progress. The internet is truely an amazing tool as many of my clients would agree.